Make an Instant Impression When Dating Online

making a first impression

First impressions count. Never more so than when dating online with thousands of like-minded singles hoping to connect with the singles who catch your eye.

From the moment you sign up to one of the dating sites USA singles are using, you have more competition on your hands than you would if you were applying for that well-paid dream job you have always wanted.

With so much choice when it comes to finding a partner, how to do stand out from the crowd when using dating sites? And how do you get that initial message of yours to lead to a full-blown conversation and possible dates?

First impressions count for everything

So many singles choose the obvious when messaging men or women they like the look of. But you need to be different if you are going to get past the first hurdle.

When it comes to sending the first message, let’s be honest, “Hi, how are you doing?” simply doesn’t cut it. They heard it a thousand times before and it smacks of someone who is either sending messages en masse or doesn’t have anything.

A compliment about their looks, something funny that will make them laugh or an observation about a subject or item that is mentioned it their profile are all more likely to at least get you talking – even if it is for one more message.

Showing that you have taken the time to read their profile and not just look at the picture and think “she’s hot” or “he looks gorgeous” is a big plus point. And they will appreciate that and be much more likely to reply.

Make your first message count when online dating

When you are searching for potential partners, look for common ground. That will give you a mutual love for something that can really help a relationship blossom from that initial message into something far longer-term.

If you spot a person has a similar interest in sport, like a certain type of music or band, have a hobby that you are also keen on, or just have an adorable dog or cat just like you, make that your opening topic of conversation. It will show that the two of you might just be compatible.

There’s only one way you are going to get past that first message and that is to be unique. By showing you have done your research and not just pressed that message button without even reading a profile, you are far more likely to get a response.

Be funny

Humour is a big attraction. Show you have a great sense of humour and make them laugh from the outset and you’ll have a connection that is built on solid foundations. They know they can expect a fun ride if they start to date you and take things offline.

Don’t be a copy and paste warrior. Send each person you are trying to connect with something different. It’s the only way you are going to get past the first message let alone to first base.

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