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Best Online Dating Tips For US Singles

Online dating has made it easier than ever before to find like-minded singles to form new relationships with, but how do you ensure you are looking for the right things in a partner?

Looks can often prove deceiving and, with endless profiles and personals to scroll through when you join one of the many USA dating sites, it can be all too easy to get hooked on that instant attraction to singles who stand out for the crowd.

Dating from a cosmetic point of view is unlikely to be a long-term success story. So how do actually get past focusing just on that physical attraction? And what are the best things to look for in potential partners to ensure they are likely to be part of a long-lasting relationship and not just a short-term fling?

What to look for in a partner?

When it comes to online dating searches, an attraction is a must – despite what we have just outlined. You have to fancy a potential partner to want to take things further. For any relationship to work long-term, then there needs to be that desire to rip off the clothes of your partner.

But what else should you want when it comes to meeting singles online and not just have a trophy girlfriend on your arm or a pretty boy to call your own?

For starters, similar interests and desires are a must. Spending time together is essential for a partnership to work and enjoying doing the same thing in your spare time allows you to have the quality time together.

A sense of humor is often a key characteristic that singles look for in a partner too. Laughter is the best way to a heart and will ensure a relationship is never dull. It is also one of seven key characteristics that psychologists advise looking for in a partner.

It might also seem obvious, but the best way to spend time in each other’s company is to only date local singles nearby in your area. Long distance relationships work for some, but if you want more time with a partner and less phone calls, then narrow down your search area to something manageable.

Things that might stop a relationship from working

There’s plenty of reasons why a relationship doesn’t work. Avoiding some of the potential problems before you even start dating men or women online will help prevent you from ending up back on the singles market once again.

If you have hang ups about the former partners of a person, then you probably need to steer clear of singles who have been married, got divorced or are separated. Trust them or only date the people you get to know who have no exes who can get in the way of things and complicate the issues you may have.

And if the prospect of children are going to cause friction or a wall between you – be the little ones yours or the guy or girl you are considering dating – then you should probably consider whether they are right for you in the long run.

Equally, if you don’t want kids and the person you are flirting with online does, you’ve got a problem brewing if you do take things first and meet up for some discreet dates.

There’s plenty to think about. But avoid scenarios that could cause issues as you embark on a new relationships will ensure your online dating experience doesn’t end before it has begun.

When is the Best Time of Day to Use Online Dating Sites?

Online dating is a 24/7 world – you can start your search for a man or woman any time of the day, any time of the week and any time of the month. But when is actually the best time to find most people online?

The obvious answer is that it all depends on your personal life. Your time dating online might be affected by the time and days you work, when you are involved in regular activities or hobbies, or the time you spend with family and friends. 

When are most people online dating?

If we are taking everything out of the equation then between 8pm and 9pm in your region is the busiest times on most online dating sites and apps as singles wind down at home alone wondering why they don’t have anyone to snuggle up to.

While that one hour period is when the highest percentage of users are logging into dating sites, it isn’t the be all and end all of finding yourself a date. After all, there are 23 other hours a day when you can find your dream partner.

You might work shift work, or at weekends, and that will mean you aren’t online at the same time others are having their downtime at home.

Equally you might play sport, be involved in a club or be out at a bar with friends in the evening while the majority of singles are online dating.

Or that 8-9pm period might be when you sit down to family dinners or spend time with your loved ones.

Finding the right time to start online dating

All the above points to one thing – only you can determine the right time for you to be dating online.

Yes, the statistics tell when the greatest number of singles are online at any one time. But you can only do what you can do.

If mornings are when you have most free time, you will find people with a similar schedule also online at that point. Equally, that also applies to afternoons, evenings and even through the night.

The good thing is that you will have something in common from the outset, and if anything else have similar free time when it comes to organise dates if you have a spark from the initial conversation online.

Try online dating at different times of the day

You should also try online dating at different times of the day. If you are regularly using dating sites but sticking to one specific time or day, you will probably be seeing the same single women or men a lot of the time.

If that is the case, eventually you will run out of singles to introduce yourself to or browse the profiles of.

It is a good idea to vary the times you are online. By doing that, you will suddenly find that a whole host of local singles are online who you have yet to meet. It is undoubtedly the best way to discover potential new partners. After all, you wouldn’t keep going to the same bar at the same time of the week in search of singles over and over again would you?

How to Ensure Your Dating Profile Stands Out to Women

Women are turning to online dating in the search to find new partners, but what is it that they are actually looking for?

When it comes to meeting the girl of your dreams, it can be done online. In fact, you are more likely to find your perfect match among the profiles and personals of local singles in your area than meeting them in a bar or in daily life.

But, while you can scroll through the options of woman nearby who are searching for love and make the first move with a message, how do you make yourself attractive enough for stunning single girls to want to chat to you unprompted?

Impress with your online dating profile

You’ve decided to give online dating a go in a bid to find yourself a partner. You hit that join or sign up button at one of the leading US dating sites, and you are a free member.

All that is left to do is create your profile, upload a picture that shows you in your best light and start chatting to people you would be interested in dating.

Too many single men are too eager to get to the final point of that list and start chatting, flirting and getting to know the gorgeous girls seeking a man.

By doing that, and jumping head first into searching for local singles who catch your eye, you will be neglecting the most important thing of all…your own profile.

Spend time creating your online dating profile

Don’t be a sheep and follow what others do. Don’t just upload the bare minimum in your dating profile, by answering the questions or sections with one-word answers or by providing very little information.

Instead, spend a good amount of time completing your profile. Give plenty of details about what you like doing, what you are interested in, what your current relationship situation is, what you are looking for in a partner or what your lusts and desires are.

Upload more than one picture and show what you are currently looking like – not what you were like three or four years ago.

If you have a sense of humour, get that to come across to in your profile. Show that you have the funny side to your character as it might be a key point in attracting singles to message you first.

By spending that time crafting your profile your profile, you will reap the benefits in the long run. It might seem a bit of time when you just want to jump into the online dating action, but it is beneficial.

And if you have a profile that stands out from the crowd, who knows how many women will be contacted you unprompted and wanting to find out who this cool, interesting, funny and attractive single man.

In an online dating world where men make the first move and message more often than not, a dreamy profile could change that around for you and have local single girls calling at your door first.

How to Find Local Singles Online

It is easy to meet singles when you start online dating, but how do you seek out only those local to you who you will be able to meet offline for dates?

With thousands of singles turning to dating sites to find love, you will find yourself spoilt for choice when you join the online world for singles.

Whether you are a single man looking to find attractive women to date, or you are a flirty female wanting to find a new guy to call your own, the options available are endless. It’s all about narrowing it down, because – unless you one of the minority wanting a long distance relationship – it’s all about finding a local love interest.

Discover local singles nearby

It’s easy to narrow down your search to something manageable, be that 10 kilometres or 20 kilometres – whatever you are comfortable with. When you start your search for potential partners, just set the distance you are willing to travel.

If the choice you are left with its inspiring and you find you don’t have that physical attraction to the local single women or men, just widen the search slightly. You might just spark up that special connection with someone and the distance is easily overcome.

Can you really find love in your area?

You might already have dated several singles in your locality, be coming out of a relationship or are new to an area. Whatever your situation, love is just around the corner when you start using the best dating sites for people like you.

If you have moved for work, college or family reasons, then rest assured you will find people to date. In fact, as a newbie to a town, online dating is probably the best and quickest way to get to know singles.

You can form new friendships, begin relationships that could be long-lasting or just enjoy some casual dates as you find your feet in town. When single women or men know you’ve just arrived, they will only be too happy to show you around town and sweep you off your feet.

Equally, if you have been out of luck with previous dates with local singles, don’t be put off. Just because one relationship or marriage didn’t work out doesn’t mean your next one will go the same way.

The best choice of local singles to date

Whichever online dating site you choose to join, you will have a wide choice of singles waiting to connect. All of the leading dating websites have thousands of members and you will be surprised at just how many people are in the same boat as you.

Take your time to review just what each dating site has to offer and select the one that feels right for you. The good news is, if you don’t have success at the first one you join, try one of the rivals because there are several seriously good options out there.

Make an Instant Impression When Dating Online

First impressions count. Never more so than when dating online with thousands of like-minded singles hoping to connect with the singles who catch your eye.

From the moment you sign up to one of the dating sites USA singles are using, you have more competition on your hands than you would if you were applying for that well-paid dream job you have always wanted.

With so much choice when it comes to finding a partner, how to do stand out from the crowd when using dating sites? And how do you get that initial message of yours to lead to a full-blown conversation and possible dates?

First impressions count for everything

So many singles choose the obvious when messaging men or women they like the look of. But you need to be different if you are going to get past the first hurdle.

When it comes to sending the first message, let’s be honest, “Hi, how are you doing?” simply doesn’t cut it. They heard it a thousand times before and it smacks of someone who is either sending messages en masse or doesn’t have anything.

A compliment about their looks, something funny that will make them laugh or an observation about a subject or item that is mentioned it their profile are all more likely to at least get you talking – even if it is for one more message.

Showing that you have taken the time to read their profile and not just look at the picture and think “she’s hot” or “he looks gorgeous” is a big plus point. And they will appreciate that and be much more likely to reply.

Make your first message count when online dating

When you are searching for potential partners, look for common ground. That will give you a mutual love for something that can really help a relationship blossom from that initial message into something far longer-term.

If you spot a person has a similar interest in sport, like a certain type of music or band, have a hobby that you are also keen on, or just have an adorable dog or cat just like you, make that your opening topic of conversation. It will show that the two of you might just be compatible.

There’s only one way you are going to get past that first message and that is to be unique. By showing you have done your research and not just pressed that message button without even reading a profile, you are far more likely to get a response.

Be funny

Humour is a big attraction. Show you have a great sense of humour and make them laugh from the outset and you’ll have a connection that is built on solid foundations. They know they can expect a fun ride if they start to date you and take things offline.

Don’t be a copy and paste warrior. Send each person you are trying to connect with something different. It’s the only way you are going to get past the first message let alone to first base.